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This page is designated to Buying/Selling or giving away old unwanted boots or boots that are just too small for your son or daughter.


Kids feet grow so quickly these days and they go through boots and trainers faster than the speed of light, more often than not the boots are still like new and have hardly been worn. Why not sell them to another player at the Akidemy and put the money towards a new pair. Likewise there may be an almost new pair on our page thats your son/daughters size at a fraction of the retail price. 


If you see a pair on this page that you would like to enquire about please email us at thesoccerakidemy@gmail.com for info.

If you would like to advertise a pair of your own on here email us a picture of them with the size and we will add them for you.



Nike CR7'S
Nike CR7'S(studs) UK Size 5 £20
Nike CR7'S(trainers) UK Size 5 £20
Adidas Predator Kids UK size 5 £20
Nike Mercurias Kids UK Size 3 £10
Nike Tiempo(molds) UK 4 £15
Adidas Messi Kids UK size 3 £10
Nike Mercurials(blades)UK size 3 £10
Adidas Nitro Kids UK size 3 £10
Nike Superfly(blades) UK 5 £5
Nike Hypervenom(atro/indoor)UK 4 £10
Nike Hypervenom Kids UK size 3 £10
Nike Hypervenoms Kids UK Size 4 £5
Nike Tiempo(indoor/astro UK 4 £5
Nike Superfly(astro/grass) UK 12 £10
Nike Tiempo(astro/grass) UK 12 £5
Nike Superfly(astro/indoor)UK 12 £10
Nike Tiempo(astro/grass) UK 12 £5
Nike CR7'S (astro/grass) UK 12 £10


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Nike Superfly (indoor/astro) UK 4
Nike superfly(astro/indoor) size  4
Nike Tiempo (indoor/astro) UK 4
Kids UK Size 5
Nike Hypervenoms Kids UK size 4
Kids UK Size 3

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